Tom Cruise To Take On Brad Pitt At Le Mans


If you love cars you’ll love road movies or racing movies; it goes with the territory. When I heard the news about Cruise and Pitt appearing in a movie adaption of the Le Mans battle between Ferrari and Ford, Go Like Hell, I had to write a piece on it. Two of my favourite actors appearing in a battle I have always found extremely interesting and exciting.

If you like the sounds of it, I suggest you read my thoughts on Go Like Hell 

4 thoughts on “Tom Cruise To Take On Brad Pitt At Le Mans

  1. Kenny says:

    Well, sounds like a remake of the old Steve McQueen movie “Lemans” from 1971 but I love any movies with Pretty Cars and Fast Women, OOPS !!!! , Strike that !!! I meant Fast Cars and Pretty Women.!!!!! If there’s Tom and Brad, they’ll be Pretty Women too I’m sure. 😉 He He He.


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