Does My Bum Look Big In This?

Are bhp figures constantly on the rise because manufacturers are having to counter the extra weight of new technologies and upgraded transmission and driver aids?

Is feeling fast better than actually going fast?

Check out my article at Motorward and see what I make of it all.


4 thoughts on “Does My Bum Look Big In This?

  1. I agree, it is not the outright power or top speed that is important but rather how the car feels to drive and how good it makes you feel. Modern cars have lost their souls and character and are so quiet, refined and gadget laden that the very basics of driving pleasure and skill have been eradicated.

    I find the same thing with my old classic Land Rovers compared to the modern day Freelander/Discovery/Range Rover. While the modern day cars may be as capable off road (debatable) than my old Series and they have two or three times the horsepower they just don’t give me the same sense of satisfaction or exhilaration when driving. A series Land Rover feels like it is doing 100mph when it is actually doing 30mph and it requires 100% concentration to keep it on the road or to stop in time and requires immense strength to turn and park. You get out after a drive feeling physically like you’ve driven somewhere and you have a very large smile on your face – the same can’t be said for the modern cars. Yes, they are great for getting from A to B in comfort but are no fun otherwise. So I would choose the old basic scooby over the new one any day. 🙂


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