And This Is Why We Love Cars…

I’ve already touched upon the subject of non-car people and how they just don’t get why we love and even share a relationship with cars, but after watching this clip on a superb e28 M5, I thought it a great example backing up our side of the argument. There shouldn’t be an argument, but when your parents and wife are non-car people, it wears thin putting up your side of the story.

Mum: “Bloody hell! How much do you pay in tax and insurance?”

Dad: “Performance cars are too expensive to run.”

Wife: “That looks hideous”.

These are the sort of comments I face when buying another car. I mean, do I question my dad’s penchant for fly fishing and antiques? What about my wife and her two horses? They need feeding and maintaining just like a car. Just because they use a car purely as a means of transportation doesn’t mean I don’t get a thrill every time I put my foot down.

Anyway, here’s a damn good reason us car lovers worship the motor car.

7 thoughts on “And This Is Why We Love Cars…

  1.   independentcuss says:


    Fantastic video; thanks. There are three old Bimmers in our family, though none as desirable and as fast as a first-series M5 (first in the U.S., anyway — I have a buddy with a 1980 E12 M535 Euro, the real first “M5”).

    First in our stable came a 1987 325E sedan (untouched original), then a 1984 320i Baur (Belgian delivery), and most recently a 1984 633CSi (5-speed, great runner, rust-free but needs paint), all of which we still own.

    The gent in the video makes a great pitch, but I don’t think that there is any way to explain the love of cars to someone who sees them as nothing but appliances. This is doubly true of old cars as they are constantly in need of repair and the “appliance drivers” can’t understand why one would invest so much money, time, blood, sweat and tears in something which sits around undriven most of the time (be it due to maintenance needs or to inclement weather).

    North Carolina, USA


    • Hi Jeff

      I also love the old school Bimmers. I have never owned an old school but did own an e46 M3. That was a car that really turned me onto BMWs. The sad thing about the modern cars rolling off the production line today is all the extra bulk and computers. The more high-tech they become, the more luggage they carry, and although this is made up for by adding massive HP, I prefer the feel of a lighter and less powered car.

      My next car is going to be a GTR R32. It’s modern enough for my liking and is also boxy and light compared to its contemporaries.

      Have you any pictures of yours? I love the old 6 series.

      Thanks for your comment.


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