Lamborghini Finally Create A Countach Equal


We all know Lamborghini are the brand to beat when it comes to designing a car equivalent of Hannibal Lector, but since the mighty Countach in the late seventies, their cars – although still maniac serial killer machines – lost some of the Countach’s originality. Lamborghini set the bar so high, they shot themselves in the foot, as even they couldn’t create an equal with the Diablo. The world was shocked when the Countach hit the roads, but every car since has been expected to be a little crazy.

Well now Lamborghini have designed a car worthy of Countach status in design concept, originality and flare. In fact, I’m not even sure it’s a car – front on it resembles something from Battle Star Galactica.

Meet the Egoista, it’s name translated as ‘selfish’.  It’s monstrous, it’s ugly, it’s anti-social, it runs on the blood from stillborn kittens… it possesses all the facets of a true Lamborghini.


Hats off to you Lambo; you’ve created a monster.

But hang on… this is a concept, so I guess this doesn’t really count yet.

That’s fine, as Lamborghini have gone mental with the Aventador’s blue prints and designed the Veneno, an equally and disgustingly radical hypercar. It’s $4.6M and only three are being made, a 50th anniversary celebration of Lamborghini. Even if I won the lottery I wouldn’t be able to buy one as they are all taken.

Ah well, here she is: