Ashes To Ashes: Cadillac Hearse From Hell

This rather splendid Cadillac is known as the Alexis Funker Hearse. The owner is a kind of odd character, and rather me explain why – although judging by this machine, it’s not hard to understand why – visit Alexis Funker Hearse and watch their videos.

They have recently fitted a new flamethrower. Their plan it to eventually fit the entire perimeter of the roof with piping that will emit a dense ring of flames around the entire edge of the roof.

Is this road legal? I’m sure this would fail an M.O.T emissions test.

What Car Would You Be Buried In?


Everyone takes a final ride in a car after they’ve died, but this is the hearse, the vehicle taxiing you to your final place of rest. Having been a funeral driver, I think hearses are really really cool and I’d be more than happy to let a vintage Rolls Royce hearse transport my corpse to the grave.


But what if you could take that journey one step further and take your infinite sleep inside the car of your dreams? What if you could be placed behind the wheel of a car and slowly lowered six feet under? Would it be a car you grew up with? A muscle car, a super car, or your reliable daily, old faithful?

Perhaps I’m too young to consider this seriously, as I’ve yet to experience many many more cars. I’d know it would be some sort of performance car, maybe that project car that takes years to complete. Who knows?

Right now I like the thought of thundering my way to hell in an old school Mercedes. Yeah, the 190E Cosworth – the devil would have a job catching up with me in one of those babies. Then again, thinking about it, it would be criminal to bury one of these classics.

So what would be your final ride?