Serial Killer Cars

My last post was a short piece on Acid Bath Murderer John Haigh and the cars he owned. I was going to do a feature on all the serial killers I could find whom owned cars, but ended up doing a feature for Motor Ward.

To discover the gruesome details and the various cars used, please read my article: Serial Killer Cars


Happy to Tailgate

Tailgating makes me so angry; in fact it’s about the only road related act that drives me into gesticulating widely into my rear-view mirror. If I didn’t love cars so much I’d probably break-check the bastards and take the shunt.

But enough anger – check out the behind on this beauty. No words needed really… just ogle and admire such a classic and beautiful behind.


The Coolest Drift Car Is A Diesel Estate

From my previous bickerings, you may already know I’m a fan of the older Mercs, especially the W123, W124 and the legendary 190e. You’ll also know I’m a massive drift fan, so sooner or later I was bound to come across this drifting W123 estate.

I clicked on the clip expecting your standard local drift run – after the first few seconds I quickly realised this old girl meant serious business. She doesn’t just drift, she drifts noisily and aggressively with much tyre smoke – all factors the judge’s take into consideration.

This fearsome creation boasts around 600hp & 1000Nm from a 3.0-l, 24 Valve, OM606 -98 Mercedes Turbodiesel Engine.

Check her out, she’s awesome.


Why Celebs Really Drive A Prius And Why We Shouldn’t


Bradley Cooper










To start off with I want to briefly dispel Toyota’s myth that the Prius is the planet-hugging car they claim it is. Before you actually take a closer look at the specifications, you may like the fact it gets good gas mileage, it isn’t too expensive and it’s hailed as an eco-friendly car. But when you decide to part with your cash and take a closer look, you’ll discover the Prius isn’t the most fuel efficient car, isn’t that cheap in comparison to some others and isn’t at all eco-friendly.

Because the Prius uses a Nickel-metal Hydride battery to store the electricity needed to power the electric motor when the petrol engine isn’t in use, around 390,000 tones of carbon dioxide were released into the atmosphere as a result of Nickel production last year.

Okay, so 51-mpg isn’t bad, but other manufactures are way ahead. Take the Volkswagen bluemotion, for example, its diesel engine managing a whopping  70-mpg. The VW is also significantly cheaper.

With those FACTS out of the way I want to touch upon those annoying celebrities who claim they are green and eco-aware because they drive around town in their Prius. It’s as though they are saying, “Look at me, I have millions of dollars yet I will ostentatiously trundle around town in this average car for average people and help save the planet.”

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

I can list at least 20 Hollywood celebs that do this – I wonder how many have Range Rover Sports and the odd muscle car tucked away, too? Celebs usually care about image, but I’m sorry, this car isn’t cool or trendy in any way.

Are you seriously telling me Miss Cyrus and her onstage antics and her hardcore twerking really drives the Prius to help the environment, or is it because it’s a kind of trend in Hollywood? Hmm.

Cameron Diaz, Sarah Jessica Parker, Adrian Grenier, Kate Bosworth, Larry David, Gwyneth Paltrow, Miley Cyrus, Rachel Bilson, Leonardo Dicaprio, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Alba, Claudia Schiffer, Owen Wilson, Orlando Bloom, Emily Blunt, Julia Roberts, Dustin Hoffman, Natalie Portman, Kate Hudson, Kirsten Dunst: Stick to expensive cars; it’s what’s expected of you.


Enzo Ferrari’s Modena Yellow

Mille Miglia Storica

Being a huge Ferrari Scuderia fan, I must admit I did not know why Enzo Ferrari chose the colour yellow for the brand’s shield; but then I never questioned why the stallion made it on there either. I suppose the prancing stallion is to Ferrari what the playful puppy is to Andrex – you just don’t always question these things.

Well now I know the reasons why (the colour yellow and the stallion, not the puppy). Take a read of the excerpt below and let Enzo explain:

When in ’23 I won the first Circuito del Savio, raced in Ravenna, I met Earl Enrico Baracca, father of the hero; from that encounter another one, with the mother Countess Paolina, followed. She was the one who told me, one day: “Ferrari, put on your cars my son’s prancing horse, it will bring you good luck”. I still keep Baracca’s photography with his parents’ inscription, where they entrust me with the emblem. The Horse was black and it stayed so; I added the canary yellow background, that is Modena’s colour.

I love Ferrari that much more now.