Ford GT Swaps 8 Cylinders For 6


Think Ford GT and you automatically picture Le Mans and the 60s GT-40s bringing the fight to Ferrari. As well as the teal and orange GULF livery colours, you’ll also most likely imagine the twin white racing stripes traversing the deep blue sea of low angles and beautiful lines that form the modern GT’s sleek body.

Next up, and synonymous with all American muscle, particularly the Ford GT-40 and it’s modern tribute, the GT, is it’s V8 heart.

So what would you say if you found out the latest edition to the GT family has decided it doesn’t fancy a V8? What would you think if it wanted a V6 instead? You’d first no doubt gasp in horror, perhaps calmed somewhat in the knowledge it had asked for twin turbos.

Turbos are looking to be the future in maintaining high horsepower without pushing emission limits.

I’m all for technological progression, and as far as the following video shows, I think the new Ford GT is something to behold.

BMW M4 Will Rejuvenate M Division

Who doesn’t like the M badge? You know any Beemer bearing the badge and extra exhausts is an everyday car that if spanked can turn into an unbridled monster. A lot of people say they are estate agent or accountant cars, but the people who say this either can’t afford one of haven’t driven one. I know because I’ve owned an E46 M3, the last of the proper M cars with the inline 6 and raucous exhaust note. It was fast in a raw and dramatic way – if you set the gearbox to its fastest shift setting you were liable to end up needing a chiropractic.
So how does the M4 come into it, and exactly how will it rejuvenate the M division’s lack of… raw punch?

Since BMW stuck V8s into their M cars, they were faster and boasted some impressive stats, but to me they lost that highly-strung edge the inline 6 offered. The M4 will replace the M3 coupe, and as the pictures reveal, it’s a looker. It will also come with a twin-turbo 3.0-L inline 6, producing 420-bhp – that’s 45 horses more than the E46 M3. Since the M3 I owned also had a 3.0-L inline 6, I’m surprised two turbos only boosted it by 45-bhp. It will hit 62-mph in 4.5 seconds, 0.4 faster than the E46. Because it features a lot of aluminium and carbon fibre it is a lot sleeker than the E92 M3, so I wonder why the turbos were needed and what that extra 45-bhp is needed for.

Still, I shouldn’t moan; I’m just glad BMW are looking at introducing a proper M thoroughbred back into the range.