Regaining The Horses That Have Bolted From Your Stable

I’m one of those guys that obsesses over horse power. Whilst I fully understand the difference between going fast and feeling fast and BHP figures don’t always reflect the performance of a car, I still judge by these stats. I think it’s a mental thing, knowing one car has more than another. When buying a car I’ll always try and find one with high figures and low 0-62-mph times (another obsession of mine).

These stats can be improved with mods, and again, I’m such a stickler for finding the tiniest of advantages in tweaking the basics such as filters, plugs and leads etc… My WRX had a K&N sports filter installed, along with a Prodrive 3″ up-pipe and full exhaust system. Although this upgrade allowed for a 300-bhp re-map, I left it at around 245-bhp, over 20 more than stock. 60-mph comes at 5.4 seconds, quick enough for the time being… well, until I get a 300-bhp R33 Skyline, but that’s for another time, a series of articles about my drift adventure.

Over time and a little wear and tear it’s obvious your car’s engine isn’t going to have the power it did when it rolled out of the showroom. Depending on the age of your car and how well it’s been treated, most of those escaped horses can be cheaply rounded up and put back in the stable.

This is where my article ends, as below is a video I stumbled across today that not only reminded me of the fact I wanted to touch upon this very subject, but is explained by touring car champ, Jason Plato.

Not bad, eh? A cheap way to find 20 odd bhp. Spend a few quid more on a sports filter, along with performance plugs and leads and I think that cool VR6 would’ve gained a few more ponies than when it left the production line.


IAMknighted: A Site For Petrolheads

I am delighted to announce my part in the superbly presented and interesting automotive site, IamKnighted. The main focus is on motor sport and car culture. As you know, I’m a massive fan of both, particularly car culture and the effect automobiles have over people.

I will be writing articles and have great faith in their ability to grow into an influential publication. Please look them up and check out their site and what they have to offer. My first piece is on drifting and how the drift community manages to bring different car groups together as one: Drifting: Bring Car Communities Together


I’ve been writing for Celebrity Carz for a while now and I love tapping into what the celebs are doing with their rides. Part of me is addicted to singling out the ones who spend ludicrous amounts of cash ruining a perfectly good car, but there is another side of me (honestly) that appreciates a celebrity’s knowledge when it comes to cars.

So from time to time I’ll post some of the stars and cars, whether hideous or highly appealing. Please feel free to slate them or me if you disagree with my comments – there’s nothing like a “debate” when it comes to cars and styling.

Click the pic to read the Top 10 Modified Celebrity Cars


And This Is Why We Love Cars…

I’ve already touched upon the subject of non-car people and how they just don’t get why we love and even share a relationship with cars, but after watching this clip on a superb e28 M5, I thought it a great example backing up our side of the argument. There shouldn’t be an argument, but when your parents and wife are non-car people, it wears thin putting up your side of the story.

Mum: “Bloody hell! How much do you pay in tax and insurance?”

Dad: “Performance cars are too expensive to run.”

Wife: “That looks hideous”.

These are the sort of comments I face when buying another car. I mean, do I question my dad’s penchant for fly fishing and antiques? What about my wife and her two horses? They need feeding and maintaining just like a car. Just because they use a car purely as a means of transportation doesn’t mean I don’t get a thrill every time I put my foot down.

Anyway, here’s a damn good reason us car lovers worship the motor car.


Chris Harris “Shags” Some Tyres

Ever since my father bought me a Matchbox Berger/Mansell Ferrari 640 when I was 11, I’ve been part of the passionate scarlet tifosi. I don’t think I’ve missed an F1 race since then either – the amount of times I’ve frantically searched through TV channels whilst on holiday and having to settle for foreign commentary.

“Coming to the pool darling?”

“Yep, be there in a minute…”

Anyway, I’m going off course here, so I’ll get back on track by dropping a name: Chris Harris.

If you are a true petrolhead and car guy, you should’ve heard of this chap. He’s an automotive writer and presents and reviews cars on the youtube channel DRIVE. His Twitter account is highly recommended too.

Now back to Ferrari – Chris Harris recently managed to obtain a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and five sets of tyres. He is allowed to go a little crazy with it, and it is clear he means business when he says he wants to “shag” some tyres… and he does.

What I like about Chris is his passion. He wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to cars, and it shows on the videos. The videos are well shot and Chris does a great job on driving and presenting all of the facts succinctly and comprehensively. As much as I enjoy Top Gear, there’s no exploding caravans, machine guns or ridiculous hyperbole here.

How Harris hasn’t landed a job on TV, I don’t know. He knows everything about cars, can clearly drive, and has a knack for being behind a camera.

Make up your own mind and watch Chris “shag” some rubber.