JDM Dream Concept From Nissan

JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) fans and petrolheads into retro styling will trip over their tongues when they see the latest concept from Nissan and tuner gods NISMO. As soon as I spotted this I felt a pang of dread as I realised this was a concept and, although a similar model may hit the market in the next few years, it wouldn’t be exactly the same as the above… I want that one! I want I want I want!

Nissan are using the proportions and straight stance of a simple three-box shaped car design in their IDx Nismo, aiming to meet the needs of the younger generation. I love the idea and the fact all the latest technology is housed in a body reminiscent of the 70s Nissan Bluebird (Datsun 190B) or an early GT-R.

There is a similar model that wears its sensible trousers, but that isn’t worth talking about. It’s this sporty IDx Nismo that looks like something that’s just crashed out from from a gamer’s TV screen. Just check out those side mufflers! With a direct injection 1.6-L turbocharged engine and a six-speed CVT box, this little car should boast some satisfactory figures. And because Nismo have tinkered with it, it’s going to handle well on those gorgeous 225/40 19-inch rims.

One feature that stands out the most is the reverse-slanted nose seen on some muscle cars – it gives the IDx Nismo an aggressive and fast look. Those ultra cool side mufflers offer a pleasing exhaust note. The car also features modern touches such as front/rear and right/left aerodynamic spoilers and lightweight 225/40 19-inch tyres.

Overall I think this car will more than appeal to the younger generation; I reckon owners of the old school variety will also like a big slice of this car. JDM enthusiasts will revel in the upgrades and the potential for custom mods and body wraps. A turbo-charged 1.6-L engine should produce around 180-200-bhp, and combined with its light weight and compact size, it should attract the likes of the tuners.

I love this concept and really hope we see something like this from other big brands in the future.

Godzilla The GT-R Nismo On Steroids?


One car I’d definitely make a spot for in my garage is a Nissan GT-R. Some hate it because of its massive brain and handling IQ, but the fact it’s so damn fast and looks like it wants to hurt anything daring to trespass in its personal space makes this one desirable monster to tame.

This monster has also been hitting the steroids pretty hard too, as tuners Nismo have unleashed the GT3 version… GULP

That’s  0-60 mph in 2 seconds. It wants to eat its competitors for lunch.

The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport or the Ariel Atom V8? Forget it, Godzilla would suffocate them in its exhaust fumes.

Although the tech stuff isn’t official yet, reports claim the performance gains come from a combination of lighter weight bodywork (carbon fibre) and power-tweaking of its twin-turbo V6 with an improved exhaust system.