/Drive: The Escort Goes to Rally

MK1 Ford Escort Rally Car

MK1 Ford Escort Rally Car

With all this talk of old school and retro cars, including my previous post on Ken Block hooning a MK2 Ford Escort, I couldn’t help but notice an upcoming feature on /Drive. My favourite Youtube channel announced a two-part episode where the MK1 Ford Escort’s Aussie owner, Sandy takes his beloved car back into rallying. If you love rallying this should be an interesting feature as they’ll show exactly how they set up the car for rally and how they ran.

Check out their preview below.

Cars Should Drift Before They Go To Heaven


When an ageing car finally gets to that point where you seriously have to consider the pros and cons of paying out to get it through its MOT, sensible (most) people will bite the bullet and have it scraped or sell it for parts.

However, this was before the drifting phenomenon made it out of Japan and into the movies, and even forming its own race series (Formula Drift). Because drifting cars is the coolest spectacle on the planet, its vibe sliding (excuse the pun) comfortably into the BMX and Skate culture, everyone wants a go at it.

This is where you can save a car from the crusher and send it out in style – the equivalent of an elderly person discarding their walking frame and hopping onto a skateboard.

Of course, if you are looking for a learner drift car under £1000, it will need to be RWD and have some power. Cars like old Mazda MX-5s, Toyota MR2s and Nissan Fairladys are perfect and can be found very cheaply if work needs doing. If you type “drift car” into eBay you’ll also find BMWs and old Mercs, also good because of their modest power and RWD.

The car will definitely meet its maker whilst learning how to drift – either burning the clutch out or crashing – but at least it will enter the Pearly Gates backwards and in a cloud of tyre smoke.

Ferrari Back For Le Mans?

I now have another reason to watch the 24 hours of Le Mans, as my favourite racing team are rumoured to be back. In 2015, Ferrari are looking at competing in the top LMP1 category. Porsche have also made a comeback, and with Audi always winning, it will be great to see the two legends try and put a stop to it.

Ferrari haven’t raced in Le Mans since 1973, and the last time they won there was in 1965. Just look at the difference between their 330 P3 to their 2015 concept. Has it really been that long?

Fangio’s Mercedes Sells For A Record Price

Fangio's 1954 Mercedes

Fangio’s 1954 Mercedes

Considered by many as the greatest F1 driver ever, Juan Manuel Fangio’s legacy lives on as the W196 Mercedes he raced in 1954, the year he won his second World Championship, sold for a record price of £19.6 ($29.6M) at the Goodwood Festival of Speed’s auction.

This amazing piece of racing history was one of two produced at Fangio’s request without covered wheels so he could position the car more accurately on the track while driving.

This is the most valuable car ever sold at auction, beating the 2011 sale price of a Ferrari by £9.6M. It is the highest price ever fetched by an F1 car or a Mercedes of any kind.