Gas Guzzling Music

Ferrari F40

Ferrari F40

Petrolheads will understand why opening a window and letting rip through a tunnel beats any form of music, especially if you have a car with big displacement and horsepower. I won’t rule out the smaller engines with turbos as many owners (I’ve owned two WRXs) love the sucking, hissing, whooshing and warble of BOV and big exhaust.

However, nothing quite beats the throb of V8 (especially the Ford GT), the scream of Italian V6 or the roar of either a V10 or V12. Having owned and driven pretty much all types of engine, my favourite note comes from BMW’s inline-six from the E46 M3 – it’s raw, raucous, dirty and earth-shattering when the revs go past 5500. The only engine to top this for me is the V8 from the F1 cars before they went all turbo – I attended the British GP in 2010, and the first time they took to the track, I experienced serious goosebumps.

The brilliant video below is a compilation of some of the best engine sounds around. Whilst some are missing, it’s a great way for the petrolhead to kick back and take in the combustion engine’s suck, squeeze, bang and blow sound track.

Is your favourite engine in there? If not, what’s your favourite sounding car?

Gas Monkey Garage Save A Ferrari F40

Discovery Channel‘s Fast N’ Loud star Richard Rawlings and his fuzzy sidekick Aaron Kaufman may have “pissed off the purists” by spraying this Ferrari F40 black, but at least they saved it from being sold off as parts.

I personally love what they did with this now rare $1,000,000 Ferrari. Aside from some incredible work done by some specialists they had to hire for the job, what they created was a faster and meaner looking Stallion.

Gas Monkey Garage Ferrari  F40

The chassis and frame was so bent out of shape it was boarderline whether they should bother with the project. But they did, and with some imported extras (they broke an F40 windshield $7000!), the guys at Gas Monkey Garage unleashed this black 700HP F40.

Ferrari F40

Aaron hated the original felt style dash and standard seats, so they upgraded them, the seats proper racing buckets that actually suited the F40 better than the originals. Although there’s nothing really wrong with the standard Ferrari rims, these larger black alternatives really suit and set the black beauty off.

And just to think this gorgeous creation stemmed from this wreck below.

Ferrari F40