Car Personalities Caught On Film: Patrick Joust

If you follow my blog or have stumbled across my posts you’ll know I truly believe in cars possessing a presence/character/personality/aura/soul. Car guys understand what I mean, whilst the “It gets you from A-B clan” just don’t, i.e. my wife.

For those of you that do understand, you’re going to witness some eye candy and stunning photography. And for those of you who don’t get it, I’m hoping these photographs will make you look deeper into how a car can connect with people, can give of certain vibes, even whilst static.

Let me introduce you the genius that is Patrick Joust. He is an American self-taught photographer from Baltimore. The collection of photographs that grabbed my attention were from his book, The Old Cars. Whilst I’ll give you a taster of his work and how they capture a car’s presence, I really suggest buying a copy – they look even better on paper.