The BRZ Finally Given The 280-BHP It Deserves

Having owned Subarus and still own a WRX, I’m a massive fan. For one, I love the unique thrum and rumble of the boxer engine, and two, I like the power and handling. I’ve owned my current Prodrive WRX for eight months now and it hasn’t missed a beat.

Anyway, onto the car above. The Subaru community have been teased with the concept of a BRZ STI, but as yet we haven’t seen one or heard anything else about it in the UK. However, the Litchfield Subaru BRZ Spec S – the S stands for supercharged – is something to get excited about.

Before you assume this version comes with a hefty price tag for the extra 80+bhp over the standard model, the supercharger including fitting will only cost you £3,495.

Okay, to some this may sound like a lot to have the extra power, but believe me, that extra grunt transforms a pacy coupe into a serious contender, pushing the big boys like Porsche and BMW.

To put it’s power into context I’ll compare the BRZ Spec S power-to-weight ratio of 226bhp/ton to some other cars.

Nissan 370Z – 206bhp/ton

Audi TTS – 188bhp/ton

Porsche Cayman – 199bhp/ton

Astra VXR – 187bhp/ton

So the BRZ has a whole 20-bhp per ton more than its nearest competitor, the Nissan 370Z, which in its own right is a excellent car.

0-60-mph comes in an M3 threatening 4.9 seconds, where as the standard BRZ takes 6.7 seconds.

Apart from the supercharger, the Litchfield has upgraded brakes, oil cooler, intercooler and Ecutek ECU. It sits slightly different due to the set up and new dampers.

I’ve always been used to the big turbochargers delivering the power, so when I drive one of these supercharged BRZs I’ll be interested in how it feels to stomp the gas pedal down and hear the whine of the supercharger as apposed to the spool and hiss from a turbo.

So for under £30,000 you get a supercharged sports car with Porsche performance and a combined mpg of 28… count me in!