Not Quite A Sleeper Wagon But Still…

Here at Gargling Gas you’ll often find posts on wagons (estates) with either sleeper qualities or the X factor that pushes them from being a boring family-mobile into an uber cool ride.

The wagon pictured above looks like most wagons touched by the brand’s performance division. You know it probably has a V6 or V8 and is capable of producing 300+ bhp, however according to Brabus, this 850 6.0 Biturbo iBusiness is the “fastest and most powerful luxury sedan in the world”.

And I believe them because the stats are ludicrous, the sort of figures you’d expect to see on an F1 car.

Batman couldn’t handle this car but Darth Vader could… just. This Brabus 850 is based on the 2014 E63 AMG, with the Biturbo increasing the  5.5-L S-Model V8 to 5.9-L. This means you receive 850-bhp and a tarmac-creasing 1,069 ft-lbs of torque. All of this mechanical anger is transfered to the ground via a seven-speed AMG Speedshift transmission, and to prevent it from exploding, the torque has been electronically limited to 848 lb-ft. Not to worry though as 62-mph comes in 3.1 seconds – they’ll certainly be no “are we there yets” from the kids. Should you feel the need, you can also hit 217-mph – that’s faster than a lot of supercars!

So whilst all the badges, exhausts, rims, disks and callipers suggest performance, they don’t suggest 850-bhp. So I guess in some respects this is a sleeper of sorts… just on an entirely different level.