And This Is Why We Love Cars…

I’ve already touched upon the subject of non-car people and how they just don’t get why we love and even share a relationship with cars, but after watching this clip on a superb e28 M5, I thought it a great example backing up our side of the argument. There shouldn’t be an argument, but when your parents and wife are non-car people, it wears thin putting up your side of the story.

Mum: “Bloody hell! How much do you pay in tax and insurance?”

Dad: “Performance cars are too expensive to run.”

Wife: “That looks hideous”.

These are the sort of comments I face when buying another car. I mean, do I question my dad’s penchant for fly fishing and antiques? What about my wife and her two horses? They need feeding and maintaining just like a car. Just because they use a car purely as a means of transportation doesn’t mean I don’t get a thrill every time I put my foot down.

Anyway, here’s a damn good reason us car lovers worship the motor car.


Wagons Are Cool

I’ve recently decided wagons are cool, and despite owning a WRX wagon, I’ve never really thought about them before. I have fond memories of lifting the rear door so my dogs could easily just hop in and have loads of room to fight whilst I tried to drive. The fact it was a WRX meant it didn’t even feel big; it effectively matches the saloon WRX in performance.

This all came about after I caught up with season 4 of Fast N’ Loud and watched an episode featuring a wagon made especially for NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. Although fairly rare now, Richard Rawlings found a decent 56 Chevy Nomad for Earnhardt Jr and let his bearded genius, Aaron Kaufman go to town it.

The colours were specifically chosen as a kind of homage to his sponsor Mountain Dew (energy drink). I think it looks fantastic, almost as good as their Sleeper wagon below.

Now this is undoubtedly cool. Gas Monkey Garage did an amazing job of keeping the car’s battle-scarred and weather-worn looks by treating the metal and simply clear-coating it. Stick on some wheels, slam it and insert a big engine and voilà!

Over in Europe, we have our own cool wagons (estates). Take this BMW 325i Touring above, for example. It’s a pretty sought after vehicle now, and back in the day was considered a different breed. Now you could fit a large family and the kitchen sink in the back of your car and still have plenty of performance at your disposal.

This concept obviously worked and other manufacturers caught on. Its success was down to practicality and the ability to maintain a “cool” status like the W124 above.

One of my favourite modern estates would have to be the Audi RS4. Around the turn of the century, this model gave the estate/performance concept a further kick in the pants with a 0-60 time of 4.8 seconds!

Not only that, but it’s a real looker too. If I should happen to have kids (God forbid) and the wife demands a spacious means of transport, it’s this beast above I’ll come home with – I’ll look like the practical husband out shopping for the family, and at the same time I’ll be happy in the knowledge I could out drag a Porsche.


The Fastest Way To Find A Parking Space


Whilst I’ve been moaning about something as mundane as parking for the past few days, I thought I’d add a little excitement to the subject. Here we see a BMW 325i drifting the entire height of a multi-storey carpark. If you are stupid enough to try your luck in finding a space on a weekend, execute a drift and ask your partner to keep a lookout for any spaces as you rocket to the top.

BMW M4 Will Rejuvenate M Division

Who doesn’t like the M badge? You know any Beemer bearing the badge and extra exhausts is an everyday car that if spanked can turn into an unbridled monster. A lot of people say they are estate agent or accountant cars, but the people who say this either can’t afford one of haven’t driven one. I know because I’ve owned an E46 M3, the last of the proper M cars with the inline 6 and raucous exhaust note. It was fast in a raw and dramatic way – if you set the gearbox to its fastest shift setting you were liable to end up needing a chiropractic.
So how does the M4 come into it, and exactly how will it rejuvenate the M division’s lack of… raw punch?

Since BMW stuck V8s into their M cars, they were faster and boasted some impressive stats, but to me they lost that highly-strung edge the inline 6 offered. The M4 will replace the M3 coupe, and as the pictures reveal, it’s a looker. It will also come with a twin-turbo 3.0-L inline 6, producing 420-bhp – that’s 45 horses more than the E46 M3. Since the M3 I owned also had a 3.0-L inline 6, I’m surprised two turbos only boosted it by 45-bhp. It will hit 62-mph in 4.5 seconds, 0.4 faster than the E46. Because it features a lot of aluminium and carbon fibre it is a lot sleeker than the E92 M3, so I wonder why the turbos were needed and what that extra 45-bhp is needed for.

Still, I shouldn’t moan; I’m just glad BMW are looking at introducing a proper M thoroughbred back into the range.