BMWs & Preparing Lithuanian Sledges

Owning a BMW E36 325i (HeLLga) and possessing a passion for sideways action, it was only a matter of time before I’d stumble across the ‘The Ugly Duckling’, the incongruously placed BMW above. Its owner hails from a part of Europe boasting scented forests and pristine lakes, a seemingly serene and peaceful place… until you look a little closer.

There are some pretty cool goings-on taking place in Lithuania at the moment, a combination of old school BMWs, mad driving skills, and a creativity and enthusiasm captured in a series of short films.

Norbertas Daunoravičius (pictured above) is the brains behind Norbe Films, a vision shared through his website and YouTube channel. Here he reveals both his love of retro Bimmers and his ability to make them slide. Referring to what is commonly known as the ‘Drift Missile’, Norbertas prefers the name ‘Sledge’, a term coined from the current Lithuanian car culture. 

Norbe Films presents useful videos on Sledge preparation, primarily involving an old BMW and wrenching on it until it will drift. The film below is the longest – and perhaps considered his feature piece – The Ugly Duckling. Although the 15 minutes of footage features hardcore Hooning and antisocial driving, Norbetas manages to convey intelligence, humour and a real passion for cars. The Ugly Duckling also captures the spirit and culture of Lithuania, its people strong-willed, inventive and industrious.

If you haven’t got 15 minutes to spare, check out the excerpt above, a little taster, a lesson in Lithuanian parking.

Car Surf Of The Day: BMW E30

Despite the glorious weather we are experiencing, whilst everyone was out basking in the sun and making the most of their Saturday, I spent the afternoon with the curtains drawn staring at my computer screen… no, not what you’re thinking.

After looking at potential drift projects, I happened upon this beauty of a E30. For the money – a mere £2295 – you really get a lot of car. The retro 1988 Beemer boxiness combined with those Alpina alloys is a perfect match. Also, it’s a convertible, perfect for cruising along the coast. Okay, so there’s no leather, but the interior is pretty good nick. It’s also manual for some “enthusiastic” driving. The 1 year MOT is also a bonus – what a bargain.

Check out the details of this BMW E30 you’re interested.