Aussie Muscle: 2012 Falcon GT


Mad Max just got a whole lot madder. Any fans of GM’s Holden division look away now, as Ford of Australia has released the fastest Falcon GT to date.

The bitter rivalry between these two manufacturers has gone on for decades in Australia, and now the mighty 7-Liter, 500-horsepower Holden HSV W427 has a new contender; the FPV GT RSpec Ford Falcon.

Primarily known worldwide as the ‘Interceptor’ in the Mad Max movies, Ford has stepped up to the mark with its mean 2012 Falcon GT.

Despite its engine being two liters smaller than the gargantuan Holden plant, at 5.0L, it pumps out a massive 449hp and 420 lb-ft of torque. The V8 Coyote engine and FPV (Ford Performance Vehicles) supercharger combined with a unique-to-Australia exhaust system creates what FPV call the “Miami.” So whilst the Miami offers the same power output as the Coyote, the suspension benefits from returned dampers, a larger rear anti-sway bar and higher spring rates, all designed to help this monster turn in better. The front also sees upgrades such as stiffer upper control arm bushes and strut mounts for enhanced wheel control.

The reason this particular Falcon GT is the fastest at accelerating is because its rear tires are 1.2” wider, ensuring the massive power and torque can be transferred to the ground more efficiently. The previous models were constantly criticised for not having sufficient ‘boots’. Perhaps giving the RSpec its biggest advantage under acceleration is its launch control, knocking a half second off the stock GT’s 0-60mph time of 4.9 seconds. Unlike most cars fitted with launch control, the Falcon’s system is automatically enabled on start-up. No complicated turning of dials and flicking a series of switches at the red light.

So, whilst The Ford GT lacks 50hp over the Holden, it’s new suspension setup and electronic wizardry will make it one hard contender to defeat when the road turns twisty.

At around $76,000 in Australian dollars, you’ll still need to find a decent car loan company however this magnificent machine is nearly half the price of the AUD $150,000 Holden – considering the performance stats favor the Holden, I don’t think its price justifies it. In bang for-your-buck, I’d side with Mad Max and take the Ford Falcon GT any day.