Ferrari Store

Heritage Chronograph

The Ferrari store have some very attractive and reasonably priced watches. The one pictured is a particular favourite and is called the Heritage Chronograph

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Now this is a useful car gadget: CarChip Pro

When it comes to driver and car stats, most cars will only cover the basics such as speed, fuel, odometer and engine temperature and sometimes mileage. But what if you wanted more detailed and accurate information? have the answer with this simple, small and relatively cheap ($119) gadget they call CarChip Pro.

No tools or expertise are needed to install; you just have to plug Car Chip Pro into the OBDII port (easily found under the dashboard or steering wheel) and it reads and stores data from your car’s on-board computers, continuously logging driving and engine performance.


Easy installation: plug it in under the dash, drive your vehicle, then download the data to your PC.

• Up to 300 hours of trip details (newest data records over oldest)
• Complete trip details including time/date, distance traveled, speed (1- or 5-second intervals)
• Log up to 4 of 23 engine parameters
• Provides individual graphs and summary reports
• Records/shows extreme acceleration/braking
• Allows user-set thresholds for audible alarms, speed, acceleration, and braking (post-drive reports/graphs show when, for how long, and number of times thresholds were exceeded)
• Automatic accident log with last 20 seconds speed data before impact
• Assign trips as business/commute/personal
• Calculate gas mileage
• View/Reset engine diagnostic trouble codes (check-engine light)
• Test for preliminary emissions status
• Software (included) lets you review/clear diagnostic codes, view summaries/detail reports, and copy data to spreadsheets for further analysis