About Gargling Gas


Welcome to Gargling Gas!

Being a true petrolhead (yes, I’ve owned an Alfa Romeo) and automotive writer, this blog is constantly updated with posts I deem worthy of the true gas guzzler – no boring news posts on safety or the latest KIA or Hyundai releases. 95% of the content on here is written by me, but I do hope to branch out and feature other writers when Garling Gas has grown.

Whether you wear ripped T-shirts and denim, snapbacks and skinny jeans, tweed jackets and brogues or even polo shirts and chinos, Gargling Gas doesn’t discriminate against car culture dress code. When I’m not ogling old skool cars or staring in wonder at computer chip cars for article inspiration, I’m watching the latest in automotive TV, desperate to keep up to date with the globe’s rich and thriving car cultures.

Do you own a slick ride? Fancy sending me a cool Instagram pic to put up here admin[at]garglinggas[dot]com If you like what you read, please take the time to hit the “like” button – it would be greatly appreciated.

And with that said, I welcome one and all – feel free to swig and gargle a drop of super unleaded with me.


4 thoughts on “About Gargling Gas

  1. Dear Garglin Gas blog writer, I really enjoy reading through your blog, I find a lot of value in your thoughts. As I can see from your posts you are a big car fan – just like I’m:)

    I run a car related blog on wordpress and I have already linked from my blog to yours.

    I would be honored if you could do the same.
    Thanks, Harry


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