When Cars were Cars R.I.P.

Trawling the net for cool car stuff this morning, I happened upon a decent car site called AMCAR Guide and a particular page featuring some “Junkyard Beauties”. Compared with the cars of today, these machines are wonderful, charming and exciting to look at, and it’s a shame they eventually meet their end. However, there’s something beautiful about a junkyards like these – the way the clunkers now sit, battered and bruised, their bent grilles now twisted smiles, their broken headlamps, tired eyes.

It’s not all doom and gloom though; thousands of classic car enthusiasts flock to places like these, and it’s these rust-filled burial grounds that allow running examples to roar up and down the highways of today. One man’s petrol pump is a chance to make $100, whilst for another it’s the chance to cruise the highway in a restored classic.

Anyway, take a look at these cool graveyard, I mean, junkyard shots – they are fantastic.


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