Resto-Modding: Are you In Or Out?


Over the past 5 years or so of tuning into literally every car show on the planet, I’ve noticed the rising popularity of resto-modding. Resto-modding is basically grabbing a classic car, gutting it and restoring it with modern components to make it perform and handle better. I recently wrote an article on resto-modding for rpmrush and also included what my personal resto-mod would be. It also goes into a little more depth about the whole process.



I’d love to know who is a purist and can’t stand the thought of butchering a classic, and those who are all in for the Frankenstein method of marrying retro to modern.


6 thoughts on “Resto-Modding: Are you In Or Out?

  1. There is a very fine line between having a classic that is modified to provide better handling and performance for modern roads or having one that has lost all its original character. In my view the character of the original vehicle may well have been made up in part from the fact it did have poor brakes, rigid leaf springs, poor handling or lack of power. By ‘fixing’ those you may end up losing all the vehicles original character and charm and you might as well have bought a modern car in the first place.

    With my own vehicle I’ve done a large number of modifications but I hope they’ve been done in such a way as to be virtually invisible to the untrained eye eg:

    Original Semi-elyptic leaf springs replaced with parabolics
    Original oil filled dampers replaced with larger modern gas shocks
    Non servo assisted brakes replaced with servo assisted
    10″ SLS front drum brakes replaced with 11″ TLS
    Original 60hp 2ltr diesel engine replaced modern 110hp 2.5ltr TDi diesel
    etc, etc

    The vehicle looks pretty much like it did back in 1960 (with the exception of the big modern tyres) but will be far more usable on modern roads which means I can use the vehicle more often and enjoy it rather than it being only suitable for the occasional sunday drive.


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