Breaking Bad: Casting The Cars

If you don’t know Gargling Gas’ motto by now, this article highlights part of what it’s all about it: “Cars have feeling too…”

When I’m not blogging about, reading about or watching videos about cars, I scribble for a few automotive sites. Motor Ward is one of them where I get to offer up my views and post an occasional editorial.

Over the Xmas holiday I noticed how many people said they’d received the Breaking Bad Box set on Facebook. Astounded there were people left on the planet who hadn’t watched it, I was also a little jealous of the fact they’d get to watch it fresh.

In this piece I offer up some insight as to why Breaking Bad is one of the most successful shows ever made, and whilst its characters are key, the vehicles also had to go through the casting process.

Check it out, and if you haven’t watched it yet but are planning to do so, I hate you.

Your Guide And Analysis To The Breaking Bad Rides

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