Fabien Oefner’s Disintegrating Cars

Ferrari 330 P4


Not a particularly great line to open an article with but it was the first thing I uttered when I saw this genius’ art. The ‘wow’ quickly transformed into pure awe as I read how Oefner created his pieces – there’s no Photoshop going on here.

Jaguar E-Type

This dedicated and insanely patient artist takes hundreds of individual shots and pieces them together over a period of 2 months. Every car is totally dismantled and then photographed component by component in a specific position to create the illusion of an exploding car.

Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe

I have always been fascinated by the clean, crisp looks of 3D renderings. So I tried to use that certain type of aesthetic and combine it with the strength of real photography. These images are also about capturing time: either in stopping it as in the Hatch series or inventing it as in the Disintegrating series. – Fabien Oefner


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