Do Reality Celebs Deserve The Fame… And The Cars?

Of course they don’t – I’ll put that out there from the beginning because those who disagree can simply stop reading.

These so-called C-list celebrities have found fame and fortune simply being on reality programs, where they, themselves go about fulfilling a series of scripted scenes. There are a lot of these soul-sucking, train crash, car wreck programs but the worst has to be the States’ Jersey Shore… hang on a minute, I stand corrected as we in the UK were subjected to an equally trite Geordie Shore.

Despite being separated by the Atlantic, these two groups of people (if you can call them that) are filmed going about their daily lives together in a house much like the idiotic Big Brother, which mainly involves partying, arguing, talking at length about emotions, crying (there’s lots of that from the Snooki freak pictured above), fighting, falling down drunk and many lurid sexual encounters that scream STD.

When all is said and done these creatures are plastered over magazines and force-fed ludicrous amounts of money. One creature in particular is an orange pug-faced thing that calls himself “The Situation” (above) – if this arrogance isn’t enough to want to hurt a person, I don’t know what is. This talentless “Guido” (I think this means c**t in Italian) currently owns an M5, a Ferrari California and F430, a Caddy Escalade, a Bentley, a custom Jeep Wrangler, and a Lamborghini Gallardo… and for what?

When you see someone like Tom Cruise or Nicole Kidman cruising around in supercars, it’s a given – they are hardworking actors who’ve been entertaining us for years. But these useless waste of spaces?

Not only have they been given this money, but they just buy the flashiest cars without any thought as to their heritage or future collectability. And what true petrolhead would buy both a Ferrari and a Lamborghini as convertible?

“Oh but you’re just jealous…”

YES, yes I am bloody jealous!

Right, I’m off to watch the Brazilian Grand Prix qualifying as I’ve managed to wind myself up.

And remember: A book dies every time you watch reality TV.

5 thoughts on “Do Reality Celebs Deserve The Fame… And The Cars?

  1. You sound just like me! 🙂

    I can’t stand these reality TV shows and my wife and I find that we watch far less TV these days than we did 10 years ago because of them. Maybe this is a government conspiracy to get us off our backside and out doing something? It has certainly worked because I’d rather be out working on my old Land Rover than watching big brother!

    It does infuriate me when I see these Z list celebs buying rare and precious sports cars, huge country manor houses and even large tracts of land. Sure, some of that is jealousy but much of it is genuine fear that this sort of person has been allowed to take custody of something that I feel would be better looked after in the hands of a genuine enthusiast or somebody that has worked hard all their life and has a greater appreciation of what they’ve bought.

    It seems we have a whole generation that feel they don’t have to learn a skill, work hard and develop a career as they can simply sing badly while wearing virtually no clothes and earn a fortune.

    I guess in fairness though, I would not want to be put under the spotlight of the worlds media 24hrs a day like they are, no matter how much they were prepared to pay me. So I guess the money they earn is to cover the fact that they’ve signed away their privacy/personal life for x number of years.


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