Graveyard Carz

Thanks to the introduction of reality TV we’ve seen a million shows dedicated to the ins and outs of everyday life from the view of a million different types of people. Some are good, but most are diabolical train wreck programs dedicated to helping the end of society and mankind  –  don’t get me started on this one.

Even some of the shows dedicated to cars aren’t all that. However, there’s one that’s head and shoulders above the rest for both entertainment and education. There’s no major arguing or drama or pretty models co hosting the show. No, what this show offers is something stripped of all that rubbish the TV execs THINK viewers want and what we’re left with is a simple format showing the everyday runnings of a muscle car restoration garage.

The show is called Graveyard Carz. Situated in Springfield, Oregon, Mark Worman’s collision shop, Welby’s Car Care go about researching and extensively documenting old Chrysler muscle cars. Mark Worman pretty much hosts the show and provides an interesting, informative and amusing commentary. His colleagues obviously know their stuff, but Mark usually picks holes as his knowledge and experience about OEM Chrysler cars and parts is mind-blowing.

Graveyard Carz is a refreshing take on the reality format, a show I really look forward to, knowing I’ll take a little bit of car knowledge away with me. Mark Worman is a real inspiration, and I love his genuine passion and almost child-like excitement about original Chrysler cars. I think he must be slightly autistic, as his ability to memorise every single OEM part number for an entire fleet of cars isn’t exactly normal.

Out the back of the shop is an actual car graveyard full of donor cars. Mark and his team will try and keep a car as original as humanly possible and will only use OEM parts to bring a muscle car back to its former glory.

There’s no bling alloys and modern interiors with TVs here. What Mark, Daren Kirkpatrick, Royal Yoakum and Josh Rose (Worman’s son-in-law) all achieve is taking a tired Chrysler and working their magic until it is exactly how it would’ve been the day it rolled off the production line.

My favourite is the Phantasm Cuda, the car that featured in the 1971 movie Phantasm. The finished result is sheer beauty, automotive pornography.


So if you like your car viewing stripped of all the needless glitz and glam and replaced with no nonsense muscle cars, tune into Graveyard Carz… you won’t be disappointed.

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