SEMA Car Pornography

Right now in Sin City the SEMA Show is taking place, the globe’s premier auto trade show. The industry’s biggest luminaries are drawn to it like gamblers are drawn to the lights of the casinos. It’s here at the Las Vegas Convention Center where the latest concept cars are revealed, along with the most innovative technology. If you are in the industry and lucky enough to attend, the SEMA Show offers educational seminars, product demos, special events and networking opportunities.

I usually like to go over the technical stuff and specs etc but for this I just wanted to show you my favourite “eye candy” cars. Right, enough of the boring stuff; let’s look at the best top shelf car porn on offer in Las Vegas 2013.

My favourite is this Chevrolet Camaro Bumblebee – the one from the Transformers. In fact, this 2014 concept is due to feature in Transformers 4 next summer. 

It uses the base from the standard Camaro, but this Bumblebee features sleeker headlights, a bigger grille, and giving it a wider and beefier rear, a different set of rear fenders. I particularly like Chevy’s signature yellow paint scheme with the black racing stripes.

Engine options are a V6 and V8, although why would you opt for a V6? To set this special Bumblebee edition apart from the rest, they will come with the edition of Transformers badging on the wheel centers and sill plates, along with an embroidered emblem on the console inside – nice touches.

It’s big, bright and bold, just like a muscle car should be.

The next car grabbing my attention was this absolutely stunning battleship grey supercharged Mustang. Ten years ago people would say “It’s got primer, but where’s the damn paint?” This primer finish has become quite popular, especially with Fords.

The Mustang pictured here is known as the “Switchback” and was created by the Ring Brothers. They have become legends for their custom car creations, and have applied their magic to several other Mustangs in the past.  The Wisconsin-based company debuted this year at  SEMA and I’m sure we’ll see a lot more from them in the future.

Ever since Dodge showed the world what real production speed was all about, I’ve never forgotten the Viper’s bright red body and yellow wheels. The 1st generation is on my list of cars to own in the future – it will probably be my last too!

Over two decades on and evolving through 5 generations, the SRT Viper still maintains the 1st gen’s shape, although underneath it’s a different story. This particular Viper featured at SEMA to display Vivid Racing’s amazing touches.

As you can see, this is one slick snake, covered in carbon fibre from Seibon. Just look at the hood! Seibon’s custom weave design transforms a lightweight hood into a piece of art. Other custom carbon pieces include a front lip, canards, side skirts, the diffuser, and a rear wing. The custom carbon taillight surround you can see is an optional extra on the stock SRT Viper.

The Viper’s gigantic 8.4-L V-10 thumps out 640-BHP and 600-ft-lbs of torque. The Viper SRT is renowned for the noise it makes – it’s not beautiful like a Ferrari; it’s dirty, angry obnoxious. Considering this version is lighter and features a custom exhaust system, it’s probably one of the fastest and loudest cars around.

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