My Amazing Car Park Solution

How many times have you circled a supermarket carpark looking for a space, passing rows of empty disabled spaces? And how many of you park in the larger Parent & Children spaces to avoid mindless and clumsy idiots dinging your car with their rusty heap’s door? I often see many of the disabled spaces empty right outside of the store’s front too – I mean, how many people do the planners think are actually disabled?

I have a solution…

First off, take a whole row of disabled spaces and a row of normal spaces and turn them into a separate category for people with expensive cars or cars in which their owners care for. The sign could look something like this:

Of course, this seems like a very elitist view and solution. But my idea would include having to pay to use these spaces. Once you’ve parked up in the wider space, you’d need to use a pay and display machine to obtain a ticket. Say, 60 pence for every 30 minutes of shopping.

I think this is totally fair – the disabled have nothing to complain about as their spaces are ALWAYS empty, the mums can stop throwing tantrums about people using their spaces, and for a fee, people are able to park safe in the knowledge their car won’t get dinged. Oh yeah, and the council or land owner will get paid.

Win win situation!

No need to thank me…



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