Customise (But for the love of God) Don’t Change Her Character

Gargling Gas truly believes that cars have feelings… which means a car has a character just like you and I. With that said, how many poor and distraught cars do you see trundling around town where its owner has decided against its innate character and forced a styling that compromises the car’s true personality?

There are many characters within the automotive world, from cute to angry, sensible to sporty, and to badly customise a car to the point of trying to make it something it isn’t should be punishable by law.

Take this Rolls Royce Phantom below, for example. It fell into the hands of a celebrity sports person (NFL), therefore was in imminent danger of being meddled with in all the wrong ways from the start. The Lambo just about gets away with it, as it is a menacing, sleek and aggressive supercar.

And then there’s this two tone effort below, which I am too distressed to talk about.

A Rolls Royce is a regal and proud machine, its heritage brimming with words like quality, opulence, comfort, perfection etc… It is the best of the best made from the earth’s finest materials. A Rolls Royce was designed to go from A to B silently, on a magic carpet, accelerating smoothly as though cutting through a cloud of silk. Hours should be spent polishing her, not hours of praying birds don’t defecate on her and ruin the matte finish.

“Murdering Out” a Roller is like forcing the Queen into leather and white stilettos – it doesn’t work, although I’d like to see that.

Wow, I may have to take all that back now… never mind.

3 thoughts on “Customise (But for the love of God) Don’t Change Her Character

  1. Totally agree, the cars might as well go into a car crusher they have ruined them. As for the RR that is just sacrilege beyond belief. Some people don’t deserve cars like that. what’s next, fluffy dice from the rear view mirror?


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