WTF Is Donk?

When someone turns a classic American car into a donk, they are doing the equivalent of sending a kid to school with the wrong gym trainers – whilst all the other kids are wearing Nike, the poor soul has to make do with some mediocre brand.

What is wrong with people these days? Why is this acceptable and why in buggery are people actually copying this trend?

It’s apparently popular in New Orleans, Memphis or Miami as a response to the West Coast’s car scene. The West Coast slam their cars and call them Low Riders – this I can understand because a slammed Impala does look cool; however, putting 50″ rims on a car is just plain stupid.


How To Donk A Car:

Buy a potentially stunning classic such as a ’64 Impala, and instead of perhaps lowering it slightly, do the complete opposite to the extent of the car needing rims the size of ferris wheels. You won’t be able to drive fast, the engine will have to work harder, and you’ll ultimately look like a complete ******** ******.


I want to hurt the person who did this to a Corvette. I feel genuine concern and can understand this poor car’s embarrassment every time it has to leave its garage. A fast performance car that should sprinting down a highway reduced to having to tip toe everywhere.

It looks stupid, it’s wrong, the Hip Hop scene are all wrong, I’m right, stop doing it.

3 thoughts on “WTF Is Donk?

  1. Bob A says:

    I don’t like how these cars look, and I am not sure I can even imagine how they drive! On the other hand, I really defend the the people who conceived them and built them. The great thing about the automobile hobby is that we all can build the kind of car that appeals to us. We pay for it, we either build it or have it built, and we then drive it. We may be the only people who really appreciate it, but who cares. My personal preferences run towards sports cars from the ’50s and ’60s, but I also love the cleverness and aesthetics of Rat Rods. One day I was at a car show and ended up in a big conversation with some Low Rider guys. While our vehicles of choice differed, our passion for cars was very similar…and I learned a lot about what they were doing and how they see cars. I still prefer my sports cars, but I am happy they can build what makes them happy and that we can all share the same hobby. It would be a much more boring world if we followed the original Henry Ford plan of, you can have any color you want so long as it’s black!


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