Car Surf Of The Day: BMW E30

Despite the glorious weather we are experiencing, whilst everyone was out basking in the sun and making the most of their Saturday, I spent the afternoon with the curtains drawn staring at my computer screen… no, not what you’re thinking.

After looking at potential drift projects, I happened upon this beauty of a E30. For the money – a mere £2295 – you really get a lot of car. The retro 1988 Beemer boxiness combined with those Alpina alloys is a perfect match. Also, it’s a convertible, perfect for cruising along the coast. Okay, so there’s no leather, but the interior is pretty good nick. It’s also manual for some “enthusiastic” driving. The 1 year MOT is also a bonus – what a bargain.

Check out the details of this BMW E30 you’re interested.

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